About Us

AVIA GLOBAL LLC is part of the worldwide global network where you can find all information you require, if you wish to buy either aircraft part or an aircraft along with special offers on new and second-hand.

We are with rich many years experience in the aviation industry, focused on own knowledge and on partnering and developing successful business relationships with suppliers and customers what make us international Leader in the General Aviation Sector.

We can provide all you need to know about parts for your aircraft or aircraft you wish buy.

Our Team

Our Team with rich experience in the aviation industry will provide support helping you to choose the best solution for you focusing on enviable level of high quality and safety features of your choice taking care of all need certifications and security you need.

Our team dispose with necessary Licenses and knowledge from rich experience in Quality Control Inspection of aircrafts, and/or components and systems, airworthiness of aircrafts, engine borescope qualified, FAA inspection and other inspections related with maintenance of all aircraft systems.

Satisfied customer is our prime goal and to choose us is your right choice and way.

We are eagerly looking forward to working with you!